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Panoramic Solution

AplusView APV7000-Pano solution is an additional package that will enhance your IP solution easily and effectively. APV7000-Pano works as a plug-in for APV7000 software, so customers can add and manage panoramic cameras in the installation. The benefits of using panoramic cameras are multiple, and we offer an independent package to manage 360 and normal cameras within the same interface.


Is your Panoramic camera supported by APV7000-Pano?

 Although APV7000 supports a vast range of cameras from the major IP manufacturers, some panoramic cameras might be tested. If you have a Panoramic camera that need to be tested, you can do it yourself! Just download our APV7000 FREE trial version, which already includes the Panoramic package, and let us know your impressions.   


How do I get my APV7000-Pano software?

Many other companies offer the integration of panoramic cameras, but both IP manufacturers & software companies don’t offer a real solution to its customers; sometimes you need to install a different software to manage your panoramic cameras. Others, 360 features are included in the software, even if you don’t have a single panoramic camera in your installation, then why should you pay for a package that you are not going to use? With APV7000-Pano you only acquire what you need. Contact us, and we will send you the link to download the package. It will be automatically installed within your APV7000-Pro.      

Do you need a Total Solution? Try our Pano-Pack!

If you don’t want to take risks, and you are looking for a panoramic solution and a fully-integrated camera with our APV7000 software, we provide the Pano-Pack. Due to our partnership with several manufacturers we can offer directly to our customers the total package with IP Panoramic cameras + Software. These cameras have been tested exhaustively, and we ensure a fully integration. We provide several models, from 2Mpx to 5Mpx, and different packages which will make you save time and money. Contact us for further information.