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Schools and Universities need to be protected with a reliable security system. Campus and classes are the perfect scenario for an IP surveillance solution. AplusView management video enhances the protection of students, teachers and assets; as well as increase the control in the access to the campus.
Protecting assets and fighting against the shrinkage is the first worry of retailers. AplusView helps you to prevent shoplifters actions, employees theft and fraud. Besides it provides safety and security to customers, cashiers areas, warehouses and entrances. AplusView VMS has helped successfully to hundred of retailers to keep their business safe and profitable with a proactive loss prevention.
Government and public places are continuously under threat. Attacks in institutional facilities need the fastest response. AplusView solution offers an efficient response, through alarm notifications. Moreover, with the CMS wall-mounted, you can connect up to 6 monitors per server, with capacity to monitor over 4,000 cameras, having a total control of the scenario. AplusView provides the best solution for emergencies, and guarantees the security of your national institutions.
The numerous scenarios that hospitality market has, need the highest flexibility. AplusView solutions offer the scalability and flexibility you need to protect your hotel, restaurant, casino, theme park or hospital, creating a specific solution for each one. With the integration with 3rd party IP cameras manufacturers, and the complete SDK package, it easily adapts to the requirements of every installation. IVS features like counting people, object tracking or tamper detection will provide a faster response to incidents, providing a safer atmosphere to customers and employees.
Banks are probably the places where the highest security is needed. It's the target for most criminal acts, and IP security is a must, since the evidences need the highest quality images. With AplusView, the alarm and event management is easier than ever. With the log panel in the main view, you can monitor all the last incidents and events. On the other side APlusView offers the highest playback speed (more than 1024x) to localize the suspects easily and give a prompt response.